Professional: Writing and Marketing

You can see, Alexander is a pretty active guy, but what buys his bacon is his writing ability. Alexander began writing practically around the time he learned to read; his first publication was in the local Harrisburg, PA newspaper, The Patriot News, when the paper published an essay he wrote in second grade.

Alexander wrote for both his high school and college newspapers on the sports and news staffs, respectively. After college, he was a featured columnist for Bleacher Report, where he accrued nearly 700K reads. Highlights from his time at Bleacher Report include a shoutout via Twitter from Mike Tyson on a career retrospective piece and writing two separate articles that were picked up published by The Atlantic.

After his time at Bleacher Report, Alexander worked as a junior staffer for the PR firm Levick, where he continued writing as a ghostwriter and blogger.  A highlight from his time there was a publication in The Baltimore Sun.

Alexander now puts his work writing talents to work as a product manager for First Data. While he originally wrote blogs and press releases most of his writing goes to customer support documentation. He also produces screencasts and leads client support efforts.

In Alexander’s free time he still writes freelance, markets his book and kicks butt on the rugby field. He has been featured by Rugby Today as both a regular contributor and a player. (Click here to view his full rugby profile).

You can follow Alexander on Twitter @alexanderdiegel or email him at

Aspiring Athlete. Professional Nerd.